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Vehicle Inspection

We can take a look under the hood

Vehicle Inspection | Esty's Auto Center

Whether you want an assessment of your own car’s health, or want a pre-purchase check of a used car, our thorough inspection process will give you the information you need. Our Vehicle Inspection Form and Road Test is comprehensive and covers all the major areas that affect your vehicle's performance. We’ll verify the vehicle systems have proper fluid levels and are not contaminated.

And we’ll also check the major systems of your vehicle including ENGINE, COOLING SYSTEM, DRIVE TRAIN, ELECTRICAL, BODY, BRAKES, SUSPENSION, EXHAUST SYSTEM & A/C SYSTEM. We then finish up the Vehicle Inspection with a thorough Road Test and present you with a detailed vehicle inspection form highlighting all the notes and results.


We'll make sure your engine is running right.

A regular tune-up will extend the life of your engine, save gas and reduce emissions. If you notice your engine is running rough, getting poor fuel economy, or your Check Engine Light is on, it’s may be time for a tune-up.

We’ll do a complete inspection of your engine’s components, consult factory recommended service intervals, and get your engine back to its regular self.

Technician | Esty's Auto Center

Oil and Filter

Clean oil - vital to your engine's health.

Oil and Filter | Esty's Auto Center

One of the simplest ways to extend the life of your car is to make sure that the oil and oil filter are changed regularly. Clean oil and new filters are critical to your engine’s long term health.

It also lessens wear and keeps the inside of your engine clean. We are able to perform oil and filter changes on most any car, light truck, and SUV. Foreign or domestic.

Differential & Axle Service

Ensuring your car's longevity.

Yukon Gear & Axle is an industry pacesetter for quality engineering and high-performance parts to tame the trails, the track, or provide exceptional on-road performance.

We can service, repair or replace Gear and Axle drivetrain parts, including axle shafts, positraction carriers, ring & pinion sets, differential carriers, axle bearing, yokes, full spools, and much more.

Yukon Logo | Esty's Auto Center

Air conditioning service and repair

We'll help you drive comfortably at any temperature.

Air conditioning | Esty's Auto Center

We have the latest refrigerant recovery equipment, enabling us to perform any A/C repair in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our technicians are trained and certified to properly repair any type of air conditioning issue you may have. All work is covered by our 24 month/24,000 warranty.

Brake Repair

We'll make sure you can stop safely.

Properly functioning brakes are essential to safe driving. If you hear a squealing, grinding, or feel vibrations when applying the brakes, it means you need it the brakes inspected sooner than later.

Continuing to drive your vehicle with any of these issues not only is unsafe, but it can also cause a higher repair bill by ruining the major components of your brake system. Our brake certified technicians would be more than happy to completely inspect your brakes and provide you with an accurate estimate.

Technician at work | Esty's Auto Center

Major engine repair

Engine problems? We can help.

Our Certified Automotive Technicians are able to perform all types of major or minor mechanical repairs.

From head gaskets to head replacement, oil leaks, coolant leaks, power steering pumps, and even complete engine installations.

Major engine repair | Esty's Auto Center

Tire rotation

Regular tire care ensures a safe ride.

Lifts | Esty's Auto Center

Your tires will last longer with routine tire rotation. Tires wear unevenly, with tire shoulders taking most of the wear of cornering.

Regular tire rotation, following manufacturer guidelines, will even out the wear and extend tire life. We’ll make sure you get the most out of your tires.

Front End and Suspension

We'll ensure you have a smooth ride

Every time you hit a pothole or bump, your suspension system takes a beating. Loose or worn suspension parts can cause steering problems, strange noises and uneven tire wear.

Mechanic | Esty's Auto Center

Suspension system parts, like shocks, struts, ball joints, tie rod ends, idler arms and bushings can simply wear out over time. Our Certified Master Technicians are specially trained in diagnosing and repairing the front and rear suspension on your car, making it drive straight, smooth, and safely.

Electrical repair, alternator and battery

Making sure your car has the electrical power it needs.

Diagnostics | Esty's Auto Center

Your car’s electrical system is essential to starting your engine every time you turn the key. A dead battery is the number one cause of breakdowns, and the average life of an automotive battery is about four years.

So let our experienced Technicians test your electrical system before it leaves you stranded. We carry a full line of quality “Made in the USA” batteries, and would be glad to test it, and your alternator with our state of the art equipment.

Windshield Wipers

Helping you drive safely in any weather

Replacing defective windshield wipers may seem like a small thing, but good. Functioning wipers are essential to visibility and safety in adverse weather conditions. Wiper blades are exposed to the elements and get dry, brittle or worn, and cease to function properly.

Don’t wait until you are caught in a downpour to think about replacing worn wiper blades. We’ll make sure your wiper blades are working well so you can drive safely in any weather. Most car manufacturers recommend replacing wiper blades every six months!

Wipers | Esty's Auto Center

Timing belts

Timing is everything.

Your timing belt is a vital part of your engine. Most car manufacturers recommend that the timing belt be replaced between 60,000 and 100,000 miles.

A broken timing belt can cause serious engine damage on some cars. Many times the car is not worth fixing when this happens.

Timing belts | Esty's Auto Center

Radiator and Hoses

Keeping your car healthy.

Radiator | Esty's Auto Center

Engine overheating can cause serious damage to your engine. That’s why it’s important to keep your cooling system operating well. Let our certified technicians inspect your cooling system.

We can scan for leaks, and if needed, flush your radiator to get rid of clogging deposits. And we’ll make sure your coolant is fresh and has the necessary additives. Anti-corrosion additives can deplete over time, so that your coolant can start to eat away at cooling system parts.

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